Joke den Haan Group members

Dr. Alsya Affandi (postdoctoral researcher)
Our group study different types of antigen-presenting-cells (APCs) in human and mouse and we previously found that antigen-targeting to CD169+ macrophages can stimulate superior T & B cells responses. I aim to develop an effective vaccination strategy targeting CD169+ APCs using liposomes to induce anti-pancreatic cancer immune responses. The role of macrophages and dendritic cells subsets (cDCs & pDCs) in this context is investigated. Email:

Katarina Olesek (technician)
The main focus of our group is on vaccination strategy and immune therapy for cancer in melanoma and pancreatic cancer models. I mostly perform various in vitro assays like antigen presentation, binding and internalization assays, immunostainings (FACS and immunofluorescent staining on tissue) and ELISA.

Maarten Nijen Twilhaar (PhD)

Rianne Bouma (PhD)

Zeling Aru Wang (PhD)