Jan Van den Bossche Group members

Sanne Verberk
Macrophages are key drivers in atherosclerosis. These immune cells can differentiate into distinct subsets to either stimulate or inhibit inflammatory responses, which are characterized by distinct metabolic profiles. My research is funded by the Netherlands Heart Foundation and focusses on macrophage metabolism with the final aim to find new targets for the treatment of atherosclerosis.
Email: s.verberk@vumc.nl

Kyra de Goede
Macrophages are crucial for cancer growth and progression. Within the tumor microenvironment, different macrophage subsets exist, eradicating tumors or supporting their growth. These subsets are characterized by substantial differences in their metabolism. In this research funded by the CCA, we focus on rewiring macrophages into a tumor-killing phenotype by intervening with their metabolism with the ultimate goal of finding therapeutic strategies targeting cancers with a high macrophage content such as glioblastoma.
Email: k.degoede@vumc.nl